Gerakan Sekolah Menyenangkan (GSM)

Published in SR 2019


GSM Workshop

This initiative aims to help educators (school supervisors, principal, and teachers) in Tangerang District and South Tangerang City to improve their soft skills, as well as to transform schools into fun places to learn, gaining essential knowledge and life skills to nurture successful leaders and learners of tomorrow. In conclusion, GSM is focused on developing human resource which may foster trust between the society and Sinar Mas Land.

This program has benefitted more than 1,000 educators from 293 schools in Tangerang District and South Tangerang City.

3 Main Activities in GSM’s implementation

conducted by GSM’s founder with the aims to methods to implement the program introduce and familiarise educators with GSM’s methods to implement the program

in their respective schools. GSM facilitators who are tasked to disseminate and socialise information about GSM to schools throughout Indonesia are then identified, assessed and selected by Sinar Mas Land.

GSM Buddy

School is a benchmark model school on how to properly implement GSM. Educators from other schools are encouraged to visit the model school to observe and learn about GSM methods and process of implementation.

GSM Methodology Dissemination

GSM is disseminated to various schools throughout Indonesia through selected GSM Facilitators trained by Sinar Mas Land.

Challenges on GSM Implementation

Some challenges and issues that arose during the GSM implementation are as follow:

  • Unwillingness/resistance from educators (GSM main target audience) to change. They are accustomed to traditional teaching paradigms whilst GSM’s initial stages require educators to changes their mindsets in order to embrace changes in the education methods; and
  • Limited resources and time to aid schools or madrasas in the implementation of GSM.

GSM assistance

To overcome the challenges, we have proposed several solutions such as maintain good relationships with Education Authorities and Ministry of Religion Office to socialize the importance of GSM and cooperate with university students who were on internship program in Sinar Mas Land to assist GSM implementation.

Opportunity for Improvement

  • GSM initiatives can potentially be implemented in other Sinar Mas Land’s project locations since we have garner significant amount of positive reviews from educators and students.
  • SML will also engage with local government and GSM’s founder to strengthen GSM’s legality through formal agreements and encouraged local government to create regional government bodies to regulate and monitor GSM’s implementation.

For detail information please refer to 2019 Sinar Mas Land Sustainability Report.