Intermoda BSD City

Published in SR 2020


New Interconnecting Transport Facility in BSD City

What is Intermoda BSD City?

Intermoda BSD City is a commercial multipurpose development on a land area of 25 hectares integrated with public service facilities such as Commuter Line Electric Train (KRL) in Cisauk Station, BSD Link Bus Terminal and trade services through the BSD City Intermoda Modern Market for BSD City residents.

The main purpose of Intermoda BSD City development is to provide better access and mobility for residents in and out of BSD City through convenient public transportation to/from BSD City.

Intermoda BSD City also promotes the opening of new job opportunities, especially for MSMEs, which in turn will improve the economic condition of local community.

Development of Intermoda BSD City

Intermoda BSD City Phase 1, consisting of the bus terminal and the Modern Market connected to Cisauk KRL Station, has been completed and fully operational.

The plan for the next phase is to develop commercial buildings/lofts and highrise residential. The overall project will create an urban area that provides easy access to the business district, entertainment centre, modern market, and transportation access.


Modern Market Intermoda

This project was built with the “Green and Modern Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)” concept, a city planning concept that centres on the optimal use of public transport transit areas.

TOD is a common concept adopted by many big cities to optimise the use of public transportation modes and to reduce the use of private vehicles hereby achieving lower emission level.

The Modern Market Building is part of Intermoda BSD City that carries the concept of energy-saving with natural lighting and ventilation, supported by high roof to improve air exchange circulation that is comfortable for visitors, resulting in lesser usage of air-conditioning.

For detail information please refer to 2020 Sinar Mas Land Sustainability Report.