Public Transportation in BSD Area

Published in SR 2019

BSD City is a satellite and modern city with a vision to create comfortable and healthy living spaces for residents. To achieve this vision, Sinar Mas Land strives to provide BSD City with better modes of integrated public transport. The objective of this initiative is to encourage the use of public transport and to reduce emissions generated from private vehicles. The development of public transport is also accompanied by development of environmental friendly public facilities, such as wide pedestrian walkways, bus stops and shelters, green spaces, and park and ride facilities.


BSD Link

Our Initiatives

  • BSD Link bus implementation in the BSD City area. Integrated with BSD Intermoda Modern Market, there are currently 14 BSD Link buses being deployed to operate 6 routes.
  • The public transport is also integrated with Modern Market Intermoda Terminal, Cisauk Train Station and with other city (inter-regional) public transport networks (e.g. buses from Bogor and Tangerang, buses to airport & MRT station) to provide wider access for people commuting to and from BSD City, especially Sinar Mas Land’s business centre.
  • Revitalisation of the Cisauk Train Station in 2018 to provide easy access to train passengers from the station to various parts of BSD City via BSD Intermoda Modern Market. The newly renovated station can accommodate a larger number of commuters and encourages higher train ridership in and out of BSD City.
  • Sinar Mas Land has partnered with Grab Holdings Inc. (“Grab”), a Southeast-Asia super app, to provide smart and clean mobility solutions that seeks to also support growth of micro and small business.

Challenges and Solution

While the number of commuters who uses public transport such as BSD Link continue to increase in 2019 the amount
has yet to meet our expected targets (approximately 37.5% of the targeted population uses BSD Link) BSD City Township Management has collaborated with our Marketing and Corporate Communication team to actively promote
BSD Link through various media platforms such as flyers, brochure, video Tron, websites and social media outlets to
attract more passengers.


Grab Wheels

Several initiatives are in place to improve public transportation usage in BSD area :

  • Improve supporting facilities, such as bus stops and shelters, to provide better service to passengers while waiting for buses;
  • Integrate BSD Link information in one mobile application similar to Sinar Mas Land One Smile System) that can provide up to date information on bus location, capacity, routes, etc;
  • Expand the collaboration with technology companies that provide ride hailing transport services; and
  • Implement similar modes of transportation in other Sinar Mas Land’s areas of operation, integrating them with the transport system in BSD City area.

For detail information please refer to 2019 Sinar Mas Land Sustainability Report.