BSD City, January 31, 2021 — In 2020, Sinar Mas Land through BSD City made another achievement as its smart houses at Tabebuya were sold out within days amid the pandemic. Sinar Mas Land introduced the smart house concept which featured unique house plans and built-in smart furniture.

Tabebuya started selling its units in January 2020 with 530 houses, located at Inspirahaus Cluster, sold out immediately. Near the end of 2020, BSD City was encouraged to quickly present other innovative residences with its Invensihaus dan Impresahaus clusters by next February.

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Sinar Mas Land designed Impresahaus as the first residence with a new normal concept in Indonesia. That innovation has met the need for residences with sanitation areas as transition space, so the residents can enter the house without possibly carrying any germs or viruses after spending time outdoors. These houses also offer adaptive rooms for work and study from home.

CEO for Residential of BSD City Sinar Mas Land Theodore G. Thenoch said the company applied innovations to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic while making sure it would comply with the government’s regulations. “We still serve the customers with virtual-based services and meetings that apply the health protocols. Our products keep receiving positive responses. We even had to build more units at some clusters like Invensihaus R and Inspirahaus R in order to meet the market demands. Our hard work paid off as all houses at Tabebuya were sold out,” says Theodore.

Tabebuya’s area was designed to be a lush and iconic neighborhood with rows of Tabebuya trees. It hasTabebuya Club House for the whole family to enjoy. To add more fun, Sinar Mas Land presents Tabespots, an economic center at Tabebuya so the residents can easily shop for their daily groceries.

Tabespots boasts a Commercial Living Space with a Resort Atmosphere concept in BSD City. This concept offers plenty of open spaces with a natural ambience suitable for various activities, including for work or just to hang out. It is right across Vanya Park Lake, so most units share a laid-back and cozy, resort-like, atmosphere.

It also has a double-skin feature on the building facade to block excessive sunlight. However, the feature still supports good air flow and proper sunlight inside. The triple terrace feature adds more comfort as there is a terrace on every floor, so each unit has three terraces. Each unit is designed with a separate access on every floor, allowing the residents or tenants to have different businesses under one roof.

Tabespots will be one of the commercial districts with the highest traffic in the area. It is close to the CBD which BSD City is currently developing. It stands on the main road crossed by thousands of people coming from BSD City and its surrounding areas, from Gading Serpong, Legok, and Curug. Tabespots will also be surrounded by over 5,000 residential units occupied by 149,000 people aged 13 to 65 years old.

“The combination of its strategic location and high traffic, surrounded by outstanding captive market, resort-like ambience with a breathtaking lake, and innovative building concept makes Tabespots have all the required elements to make fortune in the future,” says Theodore confidently.