BSD City, October 6, 2021 ーDespite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has reported the property sector reached a 2.82% growth during this year’s second quarter. The number has shown the property sector contributing to the national economic growth as much as 7.07% during that period. The Real Estate Indonesia (REI) has also found changes in people’s preferences when searching for a house, including in its design and model. In addition, they are still very interested in houses with a spacious land.

As a response to the trend of the customers’ preferences growth in that segment, Sinar Mas Land through BSD City has launched its newest residence collection, Quantis Signature, that proudly stands on a 1.25 hectare land. This recent premium cluster residence in the Greenwich area boasts a contemporary, tropical, architectural design and offers 42 units. Costing Rp3.7 billion to Rp7.3 billion per unit, the cluster was sold out in a month since its launch on August 23, 2021.

CEO Residential BSD of Sinar Mas Land, Theodore G. Thenoch, said that Quantis Signature is able to compete in a premium market thanks to its comprehensive facilities and attractive designs. “Most of the product buyers are end users and they use the Home Ownership Loan (KPR) facilities. There are numerous benefits for the customers using KPR, for instance they can enjoy an installment relief of 10% Down Payment (DP) for up to 12 times and a KPR Express payment with a 10% DP will get an 11% discount or a 10% DP subsidy.”

Quantis Signature houses offer various features such as a sky deck, private room, attic room which is an additional room in the house’s attic that one can turn into a private room, and wide backyard. To allow the residents to live more comfortably, each house unit has two accesses, service and private. Plus, there is a smart home system which includes smart door locks and sanitation features to deal with the viruses coming from the outside that makes the house even more stand out.

There are plenty of supporting amenities surrounding the Quantis Signature’s cluster location, such as Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), Q-BIG, The Breeze, AEON BSD City, as well as educational institutions from kindergartens to universities. Not to mention, this cluster stands next to Quantis Club which is the biggest clubhouse in BSD City. The clubhouse has a park, supermarket, restaurant and cafe, children activities center, olympic-sized swimming pool, thematic pool, jogging track, and some sports facilities. Quantis offers two types of house, Type 8 with 146 square meters of land and 112 square meters of building and Type 9 with 177 square meters of land and 162 square meters of building, along with corner units for both types.