BSD City, February 3, 2021 — The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has found that Indonesia’s online shopping volume increased during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the BPS data, the products sold at marketplaces from April to June 2020 increased by 20 percent compared to the previous months or before the pandemic started. As the public’s shopping trend changed, many companies adjusted to the situation so their businesses would go on.

The solution was the companies had to develop information technology that customers could access to enable both parties to interact with each other virtually.

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Hence, Sinar Mas Land has tried to adapt to the pandemic-induced market behavior shift. Recently, the national property developer has just launched a digital property portal. This platform was initially introduced through an electronic catalog or e-catalog as a digital product that provided thorough information on the company’s properties.

All detailed information is available on this digital portal, from projects, clusters, to available unit types. One can access the portal on which comes as an innovative measure to re-manage the property searching experience.

Chief Transformation Officer of Sinar Mas Land Mulyawan Gani said the digital platform was created to show the company’s commitment to always improving the customers’ comfort and convenience in searching for properties.

That way, the portal has become a reference for the company’s sales team to explain the products to the customers consistently. “Thanks to the e-catalog on the Sinar Mas Land’s digital portal, we can reach more customers and get connected more quickly as they are starting to explore to find their desired properties.

As one of the digital products by Sinar Mas Land, the e-catalog can be accessed by web browser on laptops, tablets, desktops, or smartphones. More importantly, we have concentrated platforms or storages to digitally manage the product portfolios. In short, the e-catalog strengthens the synergy between the online and offline sales,” says Mulyawan.

There are some benefits for those wanting to look for Sinar Mas Land’s properties on the e-catalog. On the platform, the customers can find the perfect or most ideal properties according to their tastes by using the search function, for instance by the price or the bedroom shape.

Live map search is also available to help find the desired property location. The e-catalog provides the list of all facilities in each project and unit types for clusters or apartments.

The customers may visit the prospective properties, get in touch with the sales team, and take a virtual tour around the rooms of every unit. They can choose the projects that offer interesting promotions too.

The e-catalog completes its contents with a virtual 360 degrees tour for all Sinar Mas Land’s show units and plots of land. The customers hopefully will be more familiar with the Sinar Mas Land’s projects without leaving the comfort of their home.

The main projects listed in the e-catalog are The Zora and Akasa Pure Living in BSD City, Banjar Wijaya housing complex in Tangerang, The Elements Apartment at Rasuna Epicentrum and Aerium Apartment at Taman Permata Buana in Jakarta, Kota Wisata Cibubur, and Kota Deltamas Bekasi. In total, there are 18 projects, 132 clusters, and 711 residential types posted on the e-catalog.