BSD City, Indonesia, 8 November 2021 – Mitbana, a joint venture company of Mitsubishi Corporation and Surbana Jurong, together with their Indonesian partner Sinar Mas Land, have unveiled plans to transform public transport services in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) City, Tangerang, Greater Jakarta. The plan, targeted for implementation in phases from 2022, aims to enhance accessibility to public amenities, boost ridership on public transport, improve connectivity to the Jakarta city center, and reduce the overall carbon footprint of BSD City through smart and sustainable mobility solutions.

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These solutions will benefit commuters who currently utilise bus and train services at the Intermoda multi-modal hub in BSD City; this is also where a new Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is being developed by PT Sinar Mitbana Mas, the joint venture company of Mitbana and Sinar Mas Land. The six-hectare TOD is located beside the Cisauk commuter train station that connects directly to Jakarta’s Sudirman Central Business District, with an existing bus interchange that serves the larger BSD City.

A key part of the plan will be the introduction of demand-responsive services to seamlessly connect commuters transferring from rail to the bus network (“BSD Link”) operated by Sinar Mas Land. PT Sinar Mitbana Mas will introduce a new mobility solution that uses smart algorithms to dynamically adjust bus routes in response to changes in road traffic conditions and demand patterns; this will be integrated with BSD City’s existing mobile application ‘Onesmile’ that contains other smart features. The smart mobility solution is also envisaged to be synchronised with the trains’ scheduled service timings to allow commuters to better plan their journeys, and help ease congestion to and from Central Jakarta.

Mr Gareth Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Mitbana and President Director of PT Sinar Mitbana Mas, said, “TODs play an important role in alleviating the pressures of a rapidly urbanising population and promoting public transport options needed for a long-term sustainable future. A demand-responsive transit model that eases overcrowding and provides for safer commutes will truly be a game-changer as it lays the foundation for a smart and sustainable public transport infrastructure in BSD City.”

Mr Theodore Thenoch, Chief Executive Officer of Residential BSD City at Sinar Mas Land and Vice President Director of PT Sinar Mitbana Mas, said, “We’re taking a bold approach to improve public transport connectivity in BSD City. Sinar Mas Land aims to create a future-ready independent township with effective and comprehensive mobility solutions. Public transportation is the long-term plan for better commutes between BSD City and Jakarta to improve BSD City residents’ quality of life.”

To support PT Sinar Mitbana Mas’ concept plan for smart transport solutions, a six-month comprehensive mobility planning study is being conducted by SWAT Mobility (SWAT), a Singapore-based smart mobility technology firm to assess the connectivity of existing BSD Link services. SWAT is doing this together with Singapore’s public transport operator SMRT Corporation.

Mr Arthur Chua, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of SWAT Mobility, said, “SWAT is very excited to be partnering forward-thinking partners like Mitbana and Sinar Mas Land. We have an amazing opportunity to position BSD City as a model for sustainable, resident-centric public transport. In Indonesia, SWAT’s technology has been deployed to transfer COVID-19 test samples from neighbourhood clinics to central testing facilities in Jakarta and Bekasi. We will draw on our local operating experiences to ensure that our endeavor in BSD City is successful.” 

This partnership with SWAT is facilitated by Enterprise Singapore (ESG), a government agency under Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry, which had connected Mitbana to Singapore urban mobility players with relevant expertise. Through close engagements with Mitbana, ESG proposed SWAT as a suitable Singapore company with requisite technologies to address the project needs.

Ms Eunice Koh, Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Singapore, said, “We are pleased to support the efforts of businesses in Indonesia as they work towards achieving the nation’s sustainability goals. As more countries, including Singapore, move towards a low-carbon future, the demand for innovative solutions that help minimise its environmental impact will grow. We look forward to more partnerships between Singapore companies and firms across the region to drive the adoption of new technologies that contribute to a more sustainable future.”