BSD City, May 12, 2021 — The Covid-19 pandemic is still taking its toll in Indonesia, including in Tangerang Regency. The pandemic badly affects the locals’ economy, not to mention with Islamic holy day Idul Fitri is on the way. The financial burden most people are suffering from requires help from many.

To show care for their needs, especially in Tangerang Regency, Sinar Mas Land through PT Bumi Serpong Damai, Tbk. distributed 1,000 food ingredient packages to help with the Idul Fitri preparation at Tangerang Regency Pendopo on Tuesday (5/11).

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The packages included 4.5 kilograms of rice, one kilogram of sugar, one kilogram of flour, one liter of cooking oil, and five instant noodles. Corporate Affairs Division Head of PT BSD – Sinar Mas Land Dony Martadisata symbolically handed the aid to Tangerang Regent Ahmed Zaki Iskandar. The aid later would be distributed to those in need by Tangerang Regency Social Service.

Ahmed was happy for Sinar Mas Land’s assistance to those badly affected by the pandemic to help them with the Idul Fitri preparation. “On behalf of the Tangerang Regency government, we would like to thank Sinar Mas Land for distributing food packages to those who need them most. This aid really helps people who are financially shaken due to the pandemic,” he said.

As a response, Dony said the humanitarian relief showed the company’s concrete participation and care for impoverished people in Tangerang Regency. “Hopefully the 1,000 food ingredient packages from the BSD City’s CSR can help relieve the Tangerang Regency residents’ financial burden during the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said. He also reminded everyone to always comply with the health protocols by wearing masks when going out, washing hands with soap and running water or using hand sanitizers, as well as keeping safe distance to prevent crowding.