BSD City, June 3, 2021 — Various industries and businesses enjoy business acceleration thanks to the digital technology development. It has thrived so much that Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno in early May said it would require around 46 million workforce. Many private sectors have contributed to the digital technology improvement, including Sinar Mas Land which is now applying property technology (proptech) to support micro-scale to city-scale development.

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The big demand for proptech such as smart city, smart home, and internet of things (IoT) encouraged Sinar Mas Land to further push its development. Sinar Mas Land, thanks to the Digital Hub’s development in BSD City, tried to provide facilities and infrastructure for startup companies, education centers, communities, and multinational digital technology companies. To help with the technology development, not only did Digital Hub provide supporting buildings and infrastructure, but also other related activities and initiatives, one of them was Digital Hub Next Action (DNA).

DNA was a movement within the startup ecosystem to promote startups’ development, especially proptech. This movement accelerated various startup levels, from stage (1) initiation or ideation, stage (2) funding or investment, to stage (3) incubation and acceleration in which the startups would be guided so much that they could launch their products and continue their businesses.

Chief of Digital Tech Ecosystem and Development of Sinar Mas Land Irawan Harahap said the DNA program would complete the Digital Hub’s ecosystem in BSD City with three main programs namely (1) Disrupto Digital Hub Program that would serve as the innovation center, (2) Escalate Program for the acceleration stage, and (3) Incuba Program that would concentrate on the incubation process. DNA was expected to give the startups real incubation and acceleration. “We have witnessed various startups’ incubation and acceleration programs. Most have managed to accelerate the necessary three stages. It has therefore motivated us to keep creating initiatives so the acceleration can be maximized continually in every stage. Thus, DNA can hopefully help the startups succeed, so they can join top technology companies within the Digital Hub’s ecosystem in BSD City,” says Irawan.

Disrupto is one of the Digital Hub’s partners in the DNA movement. Disrupto is an innovative thinking ecosystem for the young generation to solve any future problems which has several activities; festivals, multipurpose venues, and online media. Together with Sinar Mas Land, Disrupto presented Disrupto Digital Hub as a multipurpose venue to gather technology and science practitioners, startups, as well as digital and creative business owners by offering exhibition, workshop, and talk show programs on a regular basis. “The collaboration between Disrupto and Sinar Mas Land through Disrupto Digital Hub hopefully can turn Disrupto into an ecosystem or a place that connects the technology and science stakeholders, such as startups, academicians, and investors. In addition, we also hope Disrupto Digital Hub can interest the

general public in technology and science so that there will be more innovations from Indonesians in the future,” says Disrupto Chairman Daniel Surya.

In line with that idea, Sinar Mas Land and Disrupto also asked local actor and a technology business owner Dennis Adhiswara to introduce Disrupto Digital Hub. “In Indonesia, our demographic number does not keep up with any proper work skills in any specific areas, including technology. With Disrupto Digital Hub, I hope we can make a technological ecosystem that helps our people improve their skills,” says Dennis.

Sinar Mas Land took part in the funding stage by using a City Centric-themed funding company. This venture capital company deals with investment for early-stage startups as well as later-stage startups in the real estate ecosystem.

Chief of Digital Business of Sinar Mas Land Mulyawan Gani said the City-Centric themed funding corporation served as a venture capital business, sponsored by Sinar Mas Land and other experienced partners, which hopefully would provide digital solutions for the community within the Sinar Mas Land’s ecosystem. This venture capital entity would also help with the digital innovation acceleration and support the stakeholders inside the Sinar Mas Land’s ecosystem to keep innovating. “Sinar Mas Land with this funding strategy supports startups so they can create and contribute to the Indonesian economic digital development, starting from BSD City. We really wish the companies receiving our investment would take part in transforming the Sinar Mas Land’s townships into smart cities which would benefit the general public and significantly support the country’s digital technology and proptech progress,” says Gani.