BSD City, October 27, 2021 Sinar Mas Land, which manages PT Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) Tbk., always contributes to the community around the company’s work sites through Sinar Mas Land’s Muslim Foundation (YMSML). The company recently delivered a mosque/small mosque (musala) renovation program to Masjid Al-Ghofur, Musala Al-Hikmah, and Musala Al-Ikhlas in Pagedangan District, Tangerang Regency, Banten.

The renovation of these three worship houses took place from mid September 2021 to early November 2021. This restoration program shows the company cares so much about the community around its work sites that it wants to provide proper religious facilities for them.

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It is one of the PT BSD Tbk.’s religious programs, presented especially by its Community Resident Support Department, in cooperation with YMSML. “We hope the worship places renovation will benefit the community and strengthen the bond between the company and the locals. The worshippers hopefully will feel more comfortable and do more religious activities, including running Koran Education Parks (TPQ) for the children near the mosques,” says YMSML Supervisor and Managing Director President Office of Sinar Mas Land Dhony Rahajoe.

Head of Community Resident Support of BSD – Sinar Mas Land Idham Muchlis said the program had renovated 33 places of worship since 2016. “We, through YMSML, have restored and distributed donations as well as other reliefs to hundreds of mosques/musalas in Tangerang Regency and South Tangerang. We hope the restoration program will encourage the community to pray even more at the mosques or musalas so they should feel closer to their God.”