BSD City, April 26, 2021 — Managing Director for Business Development of Sinar Mas Land Alim Gunadi and Cimory Group Director Wenzel Sutantio signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Thursday (4/22)  for the Cimory Dairyland's development in BSD City. Both companies cooperated to create a farming-themed amusement park and education center in BSD City. Stretching on an approximately 3.5 hectare-land, Cimory Dairyland will be made as a Farm Leisure Park in the City with a petting zoo concept to educate the public about farm animals as well as milk production, from the very beginning to its final ready-for-consumption product (from the farm to the table). The visitors, especially children, will be able to interact with some livestocks and pets, and also understand dairy goods production. Meanwhile, its outdoor area will make a healthy alternative for the families' activities.

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"Outdoor recreations with animals and families now have become necessary. However, it is hard to get for most people nowadays. With the upcoming Cimory Dairyland, families can have fun and learn together about barnyard animals and production of animal-based products for human's consumption," says Alim. At Cimory Dairyland, tourists can feed the animals, ride a horse, milk a cow, and do some gardening.

The design stage will start this year, while the construction stage will begin by 2022. Cimory Dairyland is planned to open its doors by the end of 2023 and expected to attract around one million visitors per year. Cimory Dairyland will add one more edutainment facility in BSD City. As the city's residents multiply, they need more recreation centers.

Wenzel gladly welcomed the cooperation between his company and Sinar Mas Land. "Sinar Mas Land is highly reputable for being a reliable national property company and one of its projects, the independent BSD City, has become a home for many. The growing number of the BSD City's residents will definitely require several family recreation alternatives. We therefore are very interested in developing Cimory Dairyland in BSD City," says Wenzel.

Cimory Dairyland, he added, would offer various interactive and educational activities involving animals. Kids will learn about farm animals. There will be an educational dairy tour that informs the visitors about the from-farm-to-table concept; from taking care of the cows, milking them, and processing the milk into ready-to-serve nutritious drinks such as fresh milk, soya milk, and yogurt.

Cimory Dairlyand's facilities include farm leisure park, restaurants, cafes, and shops providing the company's refreshing milk straight from the factory. Many kinds of animals will be here to see, from exotic to imported or local animals. The mammals will be dairy cows, sheeps, deers, donkeys, rabbits, guinea pigs, otters, monkeys, and camels. Meanwhile, the fowls will be various kinds of birds, ducks, peacocks, chickens, emus, and ostriches. Lastly, the reptiles will include numerous kinds of turtles, iguanas, snakes, crocodiles, and monitor lizards. Fish, animal cubs, and imported animals will also greet the tourists.

Cimory stands for Cisarua Mountain Dairy which was established in 2006 and initially a milk processing factory that worked with the local dairy farmers. Cimory has then developed into an industry selling yogurt drinks, yogurt sets, UHT milk, chocolates, sausages, meat-based products, and more. Cimory has also expanded its business to the tourism industry, making it one of the Indonesian biggest amusement park operators in several tourist destinations such as Cimory Mountain View, Cimory Riverside, Cimory on The Valley, Cimory Dairyland Puncak, Cimory Dairyland Prigen, Bavarian Haus, and Indotofu Haus.