BSD City, July 7, 2021 — Covid-19 cases in Indonesia keep growing including in Bekasi Regency, West Java. Sinar Mas Land through PT Puradelta Lestari, Tbk. as the developer of Kota Deltamas in Cikarang thus takes necessary actions to prevent the virus spread, one of which is by distributing disinfectant ingredients and spraying disinfectant solutions. This aid has been distributed to several kampongs or villages as well as housing clusters at Kota Deltamas.

The disinfectant was sprayed gradually, from Patola Kampong in Pasir Tanjung Village (Central Cikarang District) on June 9 to the Catalonia and Caribbean clusters at Kota Deltamas on June 15. The same measure was applied for other clusters namely Hawaii, Malibu, Calgary, Pasadena, and Roseville Elverde on June 18. Nice, Parthenon, Catania, Catania Ext, and Langkawi clusters had the treatment as well on June 19. Meanwhile, Sinar Mas Land gave disinfectant ingredients to Pasir Tanjung Village in Central Cikarang District on June 18 and Serang Baru District on June 19.

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Managing Director for President Office of Sinar Mas Land Dhony Rahajoe said the disinfectant spraying in Patola Kampong, Pasir Tanjung Village, was meant to keep the area healthy as the locals were on a micro-scale community activity restrictions (PPKM) to prevent Covid-19 from spreading to their neighborhood. The disinfectant ingredients, used to prevent the Covid-19 infections, were given to Serang Baru District via Serang Baru Police.

“We give this aid to show that Sinar Mas Land cares and is committed to the current public problems. We deploy small fire fighter trucks to spray the disinfectant so the vehicles can reach remote locations. We also give disinfectant ingredients so people can make more disinfectant sprays on their own, thus the sprays can reach further,” says Dhony. He hoped this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program could stop Covid-19 from spreading further.

The community positively welcomed Sinar Mas Land’s assistance. Central Cikarang Police Chief AKP Zaini said the police, in the name of the people, highly appreciated Sinar Mas Land’s responsiveness to help stop the Covid-19 spread. “We hope other companies will follow Sinar Mas Land’s good deeds,” he said. Kota Deltamas was developed by PT Puradelta Lestari, Tbk., a joint venture between Sinar Mas Land and Japan’s Sojitz Corporation. This township in Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java, integrates the residential, commercial, and industrial areas of international qualities.